Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Stay Away from Shopittoday. How to do secure online shopping?

Today, the craze of online shopping is increasing by leaps and bounds. People are now moving towards online shopping and as a result we can see that online shopping sites are increasing day by day.

But, there are some those fool you or may be you might get caught in a trap of some fraudsters who may take the name of any website and say that you are one of the lucky customers.These are actually fraudsters.

Here, in this post I have included one case history of one of my friends who became the victim of such fraud and it led me to write this post so that others must remain alert. 

Case Study: 

One of my friends recently received a call from a guy "Sanjay Kumar" who introduced himself as a representative of Shop it India today.

The entire conversation between the representative and my friend Mr. Manish Jalgaonkar is as follows: 

2/03 13:43] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Hello sir [02/03 13:44] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Sanjay from shop it today

[02/03 13:44] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: This is my personal no. [02/03 13:45] Sanjay Kumar - DEL:

[02/03 16:57] Manish Jalgaonkar : Please Send MI - NOTE's Image

[02/03 16:58] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Okk

[02/03 16:58] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Plzz wait

[02/03 17:07] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Mrp is 21,990

[02/03 17:08] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Xiomi mi note

[02/03 17:08] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Okk

[02/03 17:37] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Not Possible....😟

[02/03 17:38] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: It's 8.5 K

[02/03 17:39] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Sir pehle check kar loo

[02/03 17:40] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Sanjay ?

[02/03 17:45] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Yes

[02/03 17:48] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Surname ?

[02/03 18:13] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Call me.

[03/03 16:06] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[03/03 16:08] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: K

[04/03 11:56] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Sir give me your details

[04/03 11:56] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Name
Address with pincode

[04/03 11:56] Sanjay Kumar - DEL: Email id

[04/03 12:22] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]:

 Manish Jalgaonkar
CMS Info Services Ltd
Ansh Complex, Sorabji Mill Compound,
B/H, Juna Vadaj Bus Terminal, Juna Vadaj,
Ahmedabad - 380013
# 1) 9909900633
2) 9879204033

DOB : 22/02/1968

Email :


[04/03 15:46] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Send Image of XIOMI NOTE 4 GB Ram

[05/03 08:06] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Hi Good Morning......

[05/03 08:06] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Send Image of XIOMI NOTE 4 GB Ram

[05/03 08:11] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Send Laptop Image Of
Model No.d014TU

[05/03 12:11] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[14/03 19:19] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Call me

[14/03 19:25] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[15/03 11:44] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[15/03 13:16] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[15/03 13:32] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Call me

[15/03 13:33] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Call me

[15/03 14:22] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Call me

[16/03 13:58] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[16/03 15:27] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: संजय जी,
Please Call me.

[26/03 12:13] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: My Mobile not Received !

[26/03 16:42] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Mr. Sanjay Kumar,
Please Call me. My Mobile not Received !

[26/03 16:43] Manish Jalgaonkar [O+Ve ]: Please Give Answer !

He informed him that he has won a Smart phone Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and asked him to deposit the amount of Rs. 3499 against service tax in the name of Shop it India Pvt.Ltd

My friend deposited the amount in the given account. Neither he received any order confirmation nor the product and once the amount was received by that guy, he stopped receiving his calls.

So, before you purchase anything online;  keep in mind these things:

- Online shopping sites never ask for any bank deposit.

- Once you place any order; you receive a confirmation message along with order id and postage tracking number.

- With that tracking number, you can track your order shipment and know where it is and when it will be available to you.

- Always keep in mind that people who call you saying that you have won any XYZ precious  thing or an email stating that you have won certain amount then such cases are a mere fraud. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. 

Important note: Beware shopping from The website has good ratings however their customer care number is either switched off or unreachable.

Stay away from such fraud websites. Hope this blog post will help you to do safe online shopping. Let me know how this post has helped you out. 

Your suggestions, comments as to how my friend can overcome this situation and help to find out that guy will be much appreciable. 

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