Friday, 29 January 2016

Who Are Real Parents?

Reading this title, for few moments you might be surprised and will start wondering what the article is all about? Obviously; real parents are our mom and dad or those who have given us birth. So, what’s new in that?

Yes, this is the thought most of my lovely readers will have and it is viable because we all have never gone in the depth to know what exactly “Parent” means? We just know who gives birth are our parents. That’s it sweet and simple.

But, have we ever wondered why we remember our parents? Why we call them as parents? The answer to this question is as follows:

Who are called “Parents”?
In Indian mythology, Lord Krishna is worshipped the most. Now, if I ask who is the mother of Lord Krishna? 90% of you will answer “Yashodha”. Why? Yashodha didn’t give birth to him. Still, we remember her as Krishna’s mother.

The reason: It is mother Yashodha who brought up Lord Krishna, took care of him as her own son  and supported him in every way physically, socially, financially and at all stages of life; be it good or bad. She took care of our beloved lord like as her own son. Hence, she is known as Krishna’s mother.
Lord Krishna’s biological mother was Devaki but she is not known or remembered much even though Krishna was in her womb for nine months!  Why? Actually we must remember her as his mother instead of Yashodha!

Another similar incident I want to share with is of “The Apple Founder; Steve Jobs”. Like our Lord, Steve Jobs had four parents; two mothers and two fathers; one who gave him birth and one who adopted him.
  • Paul and Clara Jobs (adoptive parents)
  •  Joanne Schieble Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali (biological parents)

According to Steve Jobs; Paul and Clara Jobs are his real parents because they are the ones who themselves faced many difficulties while upbringing him while his biological parents are the just the sperm and ovum bank.

Now, from these two examples; I want to show only one thing that “Real Parents are those who actually are with us in good and odd times, who support us and who encourage us, motivate us, who frame us into good citizen apart from just having a biological relationship”.

Even if you look at the definition of Parenting; you will realize what actually the meaning of Parents is. Let’s know from where did the word “Parent” arrive? What is its definition? What does it actually mean?

How did the term ‘Parent’ come into existence?         
This word that we speak several times has arrived from Old French parent which used to mean” father” till early 15th century. It is arrived from the Latin term “Parentem” which means father or, mother, ancestor and in late 15th century; it was used as a synonym for “Elder”.

According to Wikipedia, Parenting is the technique used to promote and support the child physically, emotionally, socially as well as financially. It refers to the upbringing up of child rather than just having biological relationship. “

Back to the topic:

Hence, if I compare this above mentioned definition with the examples that I have given here; I can say that we only remember our Parents because they have done many things for us. They have supported us from childhood till adulthood.

They have taken care of us in good and bad times. They have encouraged us, pushed us, shown us the right way in our lives and hence we are able to succeed. We don’t remember them because they gave birth to us; we remember them because they gave us gifts, paid our school fees, bought us good clothes, took us to various places and have enjoyed with us, cried with us.

So, think friends how selfish we are! The day we stop getting things from them or they fail to fulfill our demands; we don’t hesitate to bad mouth them, we don’t hesitate to say them that they don’t know anything about the world!
We don’t even think when we speak in front of them.  Even when they need our help; we are unwilling to help them.

It’s time to think that if we behave in the same manner then the days are very near when even If we will shower  tons of cash on our children, fulfill their all demands; they won’t respect us  because at present we are not doing so!.

Disclaimer:  There’s no intention here to hurt anyone’s emotions or make anyone feel bad. These are just my views. There’s no pin pointing to any one and no relevance to anyone’s life. If there’s any then it is just a coincidence.

My Advice:  Respect your “those parents” who have done so much for you whosoever it may be your father, mother, sibling, guardian anyone.  Help them when they are in need. Always be thankful to them because it is due to them you are able to shine out in this world.
And the most important (For those who are parents to be); try to be a good parent. If you cannot fulfill your own needs; please don’t think of bringing anyone in this world whose wishes you cannot fulfill.

Live your life to the fullest and then think of rearing someone. Keep this thing in mind; it’s a hard fact to digest; YOU WILL BE ONLY REMEMBERED BY YOUR CHILDREN IF YOU HAVE SOME AMOUNT OF CONTRIBUTION IN THEIR LIVES; JUST BIOLOGICAL RELATIONSHIPS DON’T MAKE YOU “PARENTS”.

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