Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Lady With Complaints

Life is so colourful. Life is so beautiful. Life is Fantastic, life is amazing however there are some people who fail to feel this beauty because they are so deeply involved in discussing their problems and constantly sharing them with others that they actually fail to realize the beauty of what they have.

People are so lost in sharing their problems that they forget to share their joys. Well, you might be amazed that such creatures really exist in this beautiful world in the form of human beings!

Here, you will come to know this as I am sharing with you the story of a lady who constantly keeps on complaining about her father -in-law. It's a real story so believe it or not but its true and at the end, you will definitely get some moral out of it.

Let me see how many of you are able to get the same message as I have delivered. So, let's begin:

A lady in her forties living with her husband, two children (son and daughter) and old  father in law; a retired government servant is often found complaining about the tantrums of her father-in-law (ससुर​) as we call in hindi and (સસરા) in Gujarati.

What she keeps on complaining is about his nature which according to her is miserable and he wants her to do all the household chores as well as serve him well. Bring him an autorickshaw when he wants to go somewhere, get him the eatables whenever he wants.

Now, according to this lady; she says she gets tired working all day round and this man doesn't care for her and just keeps on ordering whenever he wants irrespective of thinking her condition of how much tired she would be?

Sometimes, she will start even crying while complaining and every morning, evening, afternoon I find her complaining about father in law's behaviour to whomsoever she meets.

We can say that the lady is fully complain box. This way she vents her anger and dissatisfaction with life with whomsoever she meets and sometimes people get so bored with her talks that they just shake their heads in positive tones showing her that what she says is right.

My opinion:It is not that she should not complain or she is wrong however according to my point of view in such intolerable situations when you have nothing but to go on with situations and circumstances,

I think one must see the positive side of life and happily face the negative ones because if you are performing any responsibility then do it with good heart why to waste your deeds by bad mouthing about the ones with whom you have to stay under a single roof.

The home where she lives is a gift by her father in law because her husband is hardly earning enough to live. She cannot understand this; this surprises me.

You can definitely share your problems with the one whom you feel is able to give you the solution and not every one whom you meet because most of them just enjoy listening to your stuff while most of them will make fun of you or consider you as mad.

There's a lot of difference in sharing, informing and complaining. Understand this, your life will be easy.

Message of the story: Fulfill your responsibilities without complaining and express gratitude for everything that you have. You cannot escape from responsibilities so why to waste your efforts by complaining.  It is like filling water in the vessel with holes.

Please provide your views; agree, disagree or your own opinion.

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